About us
Wenzhou City in Sichuan Chemical Materials Co., Ltd. is high scientific technological company that contains scientific research ,development, production and management. Our company has a rich source of technology and has a large number of senior professional talents who is perennially engaged in the scientific research , production and management of chemical reagents and refined chemical articles, having strong ability of developing new products.

Our company insists on producing chemical reagent and refined chemical articles, investing much to develop new chemical articles and sale network. Meanwhile we open up markets both at home and abroad by means of advantage compensation, mutual benefit and united cooperation.

We set up indicator production base in Zhejiang Juhua Group Corporation and establish production base of organic chemical articles and terpineol. In beautiful coastline city Ninghai , production base of inorganic chemical articles is set up and in our company cadre we set up special ink research office.  

Our company’s series of indicators, cinnamic acid,bismuth salt,iodic salt,acetate salt,sulfite salt and terpineol are products that are very popular with overseas customers. They are sold to America ,Europe, Japan and Southeast Asian countries. At the same time , home and overseas customers all give high evaluation of our company’s  organic reagent , in organic reagent, BS,PH paper,refined chemical products, hydrolyze color powder and ink.

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